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A View from the Garden

Hello! This is the first of a series of my blogs telling everyone the exciting changes and events happening in the garden and grounds of Middleton Hall. Let me introduce myself, my name is Andrew and I have the great pleasure of being the Head Gardner here at Middleton Hall.

I have been here for only four months but am already really excited by the opportunity to create something really special here. I have been fortunate enough to work at and visit many great gardens around the UK and I am pleased to be working here as Middleton Hall is a fantastic location. It’s a place with so much horticultural and conversational history especially with two of the Hall’s famous residents John Ray FRS and Francis Willughby FRS.

The Walled Garden in the depths of winter

I am really looking forward to 2017 as this year is the start of our re-development plans for our eighteenth century Walled Garden. The beds will be planted with lush, texturally rich and colourful specimens as we are aiming to create a journey for visitors through the garden; as you walk around the planting will be cascading down from the centre of the borders. Using tall architectural plants such as Romneya Coulteri (Californian tree poppy) will help to create height and by highlighting focal points within the garden we will make the Walled Garden a great place to explore, discover and learn more about horticulture and Middleton Hall’s past residents. We already have the beautiful yellow John Ray rose with its scent and long flowing period is a real treat for any rose lover.

John Ray Rose

The John Ray Rose

The Walled Garden is a unique feature of our estate, we have an intimate romantic space which deserves to be visited and appreciated by garden lovers. It’s re-development is going to be a major project which we want everybody to get involved in, be you a novice or experienced gardner we welcome all. This early stage is a great time to get involved to be part of a team working together in creating a unique garden to do justice to this fantastic location.  If you feel you want to be part of our team we have a volunteer recruitment day on the 8th March or please contact us at for more details.

We really are at the start of something very special and I look forward to sharing our progress on our monthly Blogs and please come and visit to see how we are doing.

Hope to see you all soon


Head Gardner

Middleton Hall. February 2017

The ‘before’ picture, come back throughout the year to see how we are getting on…

February Tips from the Head Gardner

  • Don’t get too cold/woolly jumpers
  • Read plant catalogues for inspiration it’s never too early to start planning your seasonal displays
  • Prune currants, gooseberries and autumn raspberries
  • Remember to ventilate greenhouses on sunny days
  • Stand houseplants on trays of damp gravel or stones to give the plants extra humidity in centrally heated homes
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