Dubs at Middleton Hall

A beautiful setting with a wonderful selection of handpicked dubs including T6, T5, T4, T3, bay windows, splitscreens, beetles, caddy’s, golfs (basically anything with a VW badge!)
Trade village including food & drink
Live music & entertainment
A relaxed and family friendly event with everyone welcomed.
All of this including entrance to the Hall & Gardens for our usual admission price of;
Gift Aid Adult £7.70 | Standard Adult £7.00 | Child £2.00 | FREE for under 5s | FREE for Historic House members, RHS members and carers, GW2for1 accepted.
You don’t have to pre-book your tickets but if you would like to here is the link
If you would like to join us and show your spectacular dub please follow this link https://www.splitsdrinks.co.uk/…/dubs-at-middleton-hall-1