Six weeks of summer

During the summer holidays, we will be celebrating a different special moment in our fascinating history every week. Come along to join in with our activities and help us prepare for special occasions, wonderful discoveries and exciting visits.  Our activities are aimed at visitors of all ages, putting your skills and creativity to the test. 


Six weeks of summer activities

Week 1: Hugh Willoughby is setting sail

Monday 22nd July – Thursday 25th July

Arctic explorer Hugh Willoughby grew up at Middleton Hall. Seeking adventure, he set sail in 1553 in search of the North East Passage to China. Although one of his ships made it to Russia and met with Ivan the Terrible, Hugh fell victim to the perils of the icy oceans and never made it home again. Come along to Middleton Hall on this week to join in with our activities which include making your own boat to race on our moat! More details coming soon. 

Week 2: Queen Elizabeth I is coming to stay

Monday 29th July – Thursday 1st August

In 1575, Queen Elizabeth I made a visit to Middleton Hall to knight the owner of the Middleton Estate, Sir Francis Willoughby. We will be preparing for this incredibly special visit by creating gifts for her majesty, creating some delightful Tudor treats and more! More details coming soon. 

Week 3: Francis Willughby is returning to Middleton 

Monday 5th August – Thursday 8th August

Naturalist and Middleton Hall resident, Francis Willughby spent many years exploring Europe with his friend and tutor, John Ray. They made many astonishing finds within the natural world including new species of birds and plants. Following their adventures, they returned to Middleton Hall where they continued their research and experiments here on our site. Join us on this week to join in with wildlife activities and more. More details coming soon. 

Week 4: Our Walled Garden is being built

Monday 12th August – Thursday 22nd August

Our beautiful Georgian Walled Garden was built in 1717 and was originally a produce garden that helped feed the household. Join on this special week to join in with mini garden tours, potting activities and more. More details coming soon. 

Week 5: Robert Peel is visiting Middleton Hall

Monday 19th August – Monday 22nd August

Did you know that the cousin of Robert Peel, founder of the Metropolitan Police Service and twice prime minister used to live at Middleton Hall? Well, on this very special week, Robert Peel has come to visit John here at his family home in Middleton, so expect to see a few Peelers on the beat! More details coming soon.

Week 6: The De Hamels are having a wedding

Monday 26th August – Thursday 29th August

It’s 1890 and Kathleen de Hamel is due to marry Colonel Barton this summer! Help us prepare for the big day by arranging the flowers, making decorations and preparing gifts! More information coming soon. 


Opening times

During the summer holidays, the Hall, gardens and grounds will be open as normal, Sunday to Thursday, 11am – 4pm, last admission 3pm (with the addition of Saturday 10th August). Our Six Weeks of Summer Activities run Monday to Thursday only and will not run on Sundays due to other events taking place.

Admission prices

Standard admission prices to the Hall, gardens and grounds apply. There is no additional charge for the activities.

£6.60 Gift Aid Adult, £6.00 Standard Adult, free for U16s and MH&G season pass holders.