Fundraise for us

Take on a new personal challenge with the added benefit of raising money for Middleton Hall Trust in the process. You could embark on a sponsored swim, walk or cycle, host a charity quiz night or do something completely original to raise vital funds for our charity and help to preserve our magnificent historic estate. Whether you aim to raise £50 or £1000, we are grateful for your support. 

If you think you have got what is takes to raise funds for Middleton Hall Trust, you can start fundraising via our Just Giving page.

Current fundraising stories

Virtual cycle ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats

It is April 2020 and my name is Mary and I have been volunteering at Middleton Hall for 7 years. Over the years I have helped in the Garden, tea-room, supervised children’s craft activities and even turned my hand to a bit of decorating. I have recently retired from an active job and was looking for something that will keep me fit and occupied. So I accepted my daughter’s challenge to cycle 1650km, the distance between Land’s End and John O’Groats, on an exercise bike. All the restrictions on travel made the virtual option much more sensible than cycling the actual route, although maybe once I have completed this challenge I might venture out onto the roads, who knows.

With the challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic has created it seemed like the perfect time to channel my energies into helping out where I can. The roof of the Great Hall is in desperate need of maintenance as this year it has developed a bit of a leak. I am hoping to raise £1 for every kilometre I cycle so my target is £1,650. I have divided the route into legs and am going to complete one a day until I finish! I shall keep you up to date with my progress and your support will make sure I carry on!


Update : I started this challenge during the first national lockdown thinking that I would have lots of time to dedicate to it, and to start with I did, I quickly got up to 320km completed and over £500 raised. With the improvement in the country’s situation in July I could carry on volunteering at the Hall & Gardens again and my cycling took a bit of a back seat for a bit. But then when winter came around I was able to dedicate more time to it and I have now ‘travelled’ just over 650km and as of New Year’s Eve raised £996! It is taking me longer than I thought but I have really enjoyed having a challenge and something to keep me motivated, I have also got a lot fitter, which is an added bonus. Thank you for everyone that has supported me so far…only a little bit further to go!

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Past fundraising successes

Middleton Hall Volunteers’ Sponsored 5k walk

In September 2019, our volunteers completed a 5k sponsored walk around Middleton Lakes RSPB reserve and Middleton Pool. Collectively, the team raised just over £1000 and all money went towards the restoration of the Tudor Barn.

What the volunteers enjoyed most about this sponsored challenge was the comradery and making friends with other volunteers from different areas of the Hall who they hadn’t met before.

“We made the walk fun and full of laughter, so it didn’t feel like hard work at all! Five kilometres was a long distance when most of us are aged 60+ but we all supported each other and had a BBQ afterwards to celebrate our success!” – Middleton Hall Volunteer


Amy’s half-marathon 

Back in 2018, our Visitor Experience Manager, Amy Evans ran Nottingham’s Robin Hood Half-Marathon and managed to raise just over £1300.00 in total. All of the money she raised went towards the restoration of our Grade II* listed Tudor Barn.

“Running a half-marathon was a huge personal challenge. At the start of my training, I could barely run for two minutes straight without needing a rest! Knowing that I had raised over £1300.00 for Middleton Hall Trust spurred me on during the run and I was so pleased by the level of support our cause received. I finished in just over two and a half hours.” – Amy Evans, Visitor Experience Manager.