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There are many different ways you can help Middleton Hall Trust raise funds to preserve our heritage and make new developments. From donating to a specific project or starting a fundraiser of your own, you can make a big difference to our estate. 

We need your support now more than ever to help us through this difficult period caused by the Covid-19 pandemic which has left us with a mere fraction of our usual income. We have had to close our doors to visitors for the foreseeable future, cancel events and postpone weddings and parties, resulting in thousands of pounds worth of lost income.

Our gardening and maintenance staff are still working on-site whilst adhering to social distancing rules. They are ensuring that the site is well-cared for and that it looks its best ready for when we are able to welcome visitors again. 















It usually costs us £310.00 per day to run the Hall & Gardens. These costs include bills, rent and maintenance requirements all of which we are still have to pay, plus staff wages. We have furloughed some of our staff and have applied for a grant to help cover our losses, but even after this we are still left with a gap of £100.00 per day. 

Can you help us by donating a virtual admission fee of £6.00 or more? 

Head over to our Blogs and Virtual Tours page where you can visit behind the scenes parts of the Hall and learn about some extraordinary residents that have made Middleton their home over the centuries. It’s not quite the same as visiting the Hall in person, but we can guarantee you will learn something new! You can DONATE here.

Our virtual tours and blogs take you around hidden parts of the Hall, walk you through the beautiful, ever-changing Walled Garden and introduce you to some of our most colourful residents. Photograph of Middleton (Paul Harrison)













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