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The Covid-19 pandemic has left Middleton Hall Trust unsure whether they can survive. Photo credit: Paul Harrison. 

Middleton Hall & Gardens is at risk…

We need your support now more than ever to help us keep Middleton Hall & Gardens open to the public. In March 2020, we were unable to re-open our doors to visitors as we do every year and we had to cancel weddings, parties and tours. This has left a gaping hole in our already modest income and, as an independent charitable trust with no regular external funding, we are now left unsure whether we can survive.

Team members celebrating the re-opening of MH&G from 17th June.


We have applied for grants to help us get through the immediate impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. These grants have allowed us to bring staff back off furlough and fund facilities that enable social distancing, therefore allowing us to re-open parts of our site from Wednesday 17th June 2020. 

Re-opening the site will help raise some funds for the Trust but nowhere near enough to sustain our charity and protect the Hall’s future. It takes £310.00 per day to run the Hall, Gardens, Grounds and Courtyard. This includes bills, rent, maintenance and wages.


Middleton Hall in 1977 after eleven years of neglect and vandalism.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Middleton Hall Trust being founded in 1980. Forty years ago, volunteers began restoring this incredible historic building with so many stories to tell for the enjoyment and benefit of local people for generations to come.

In our 40th year, we face unprecedented challenges. We need YOU to help care for this magnificent heritage site and preserve it for your children and grandchildren.

Every donation, however big or small, counts.



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