Marking our 40th Anniversary

We had big plans this year for celebrating the 40th anniversary of the founding of Middleton Hall Trust. And whilst this year will certainly be one that none of us forgets for a while we want to make sure that there is a positive memory passed on, and one that will remain long after this year’s events hopefully become a distant memory.

The Monkey Puzzle Tree at the centre of our Glade

Our Glade is home to many specimen trees, as it was the fashion in the Victorian period to collect and plant a display of trees from all around the world. In our collection we have a Giant Redwood from California, a Monkey Puzzle Tree from Chile, a Cedar Deodar from the Himalayas, and a Pin Oak from New England.

We would like to add to this collection by planting a tree to commemorate our 40 years of being a charitable Trust and have chosen a Magnolia Grandilfora ‘Goliath’, an evergreen native to the southern USA. It grows up to 90ft and is full of fragrant flowers up to 12 inches in diameter in summer. We will buy a tree that is 3-4m in height and will start to flower only a couple of years after it is planted.

Flowers from Magnolia Grandilfora ‘Goliath’

Over 500 individuals have volunteered their time to support Middleton Hall Trust in many different capacities over the past forty years. Planting this fabulous tree, which will be accompanied by some of the plants that were used in our Long Border at RHS Chatsworth last year, will be one of the many ways that we will be remembering the Trust’s incredible achievements and the admirable people who have made it all happen.

It will cost us £650.00 to buy and plant this special tree. If you would like to DONATE towards the cost of this tree, please click here