Restoring our Tudor Barn

Our Tudor Barn is one of the two remaining buildings on our estate which have not yet been restored. The restoration of this building is part of a wider Master-Plan for the entire site which is being supported by NHLF and AHF. For this project to go ahead, Middleton Hall Trust must secure £600,000 in match-funding.

Our Grade II* listed Tudor Barn is currently derelict but is structurally sound.





Middleton Hall’s Tudor Barn, positioned at the front of what is now our retail Courtyard, was built in 1604. It has had various uses throughout the centuries including residential lodgings but ironically there is no evidence that it was ever actually used as a barn. Technically, it is not quite Tudor either (Tudor period ended in 1603 with the death of Queen Elizabeth I)! Nevertheless, it is a fabulous piece of architecture with a wealth of history and we are eager to restore it to its former glory and open it up for visitors to enjoy.

Restoring the Tudor Barn is estimated to cost around £2 million. This is the most costly challenge that Middleton Hall Trust has ever undertaken and we cannot achieve success without your support. The wider Master-Plan, inclusive of the Tudor Barn restoration and also the restoration of our Coach House will cost an estimated £3 million and we have to raise 20% of this money ourselves – that’s £600,000.

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