The Sunken Garden

This exciting new project will turn an eyesore into a natural haven, giving the Sunken Garden a revival that will please both humans and wildlife!

We flatter our Sunken Garden by giving it this name as currently it flaunts only grass and has never done a very good job at sustaining the varieties of flowers that have been planted there in the past. This is because it was part of the moat until 1850 when it was filled in and still has a tendency to go back to its watery roots by flooding every so often. However, our Gardening Team have given this project much thought and have come up with a buzzing idea!

The grass in the Sunken Garden has been covered over to kill it, preparing the space to be planted with seeds once £200.00 has been donated.

Oxeye Daisies and Buttercups

Thirty-acres of our estate is a registered SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) meaning we have a diverse range of nature and wildlife all in one place. It has always been our priority to protect and sustain wildlife on our estate and the Sunken Garden project has given us an opportunity to create a brand new spot for the bees, butterflies and moths that call our estate home.

We want to fill the Sunken Garden with locally-grown, native species of wildflower seeds that will be the perfect source of food and shelter for a variety of wildlife and also smell gorgeous for the humans too! Wildflowers are far more resilient that the flowers we have attempted to plant in the Sunken Garden before, so they will be able to survive a wet season of weather. This project requires just £200.00 to go ahead and your support would be massively appreciated.

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