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The Master Plan

The Trust’s overall vision is that by 2023 a series of co-ordinated developments will allow our immersive stories to be told in such a way that visitors will have a worthwhile visitor experience which will leave them wanting to return and encourage friends and family to visit. The aim is to create a premier attraction in Warwickshire, elevating Middleton Hall to a site of significant regional and national importance. The aim of the Master-plan is to create a development route-map to deliver our strategic ‘vision’ via a joined-up use of the entire site, that will provide the context for projects to repair and create a new use for those parts of the site not yet restored.

The Master-plan should ensure that the visitor offer at Middleton Hall is the key element in the wider context of the site development, such that visitors understand the identity and ‘brand’ of the site even though parts of the Hall and wider estate may be used for purposes beyond the visitor experience.   The Master-plan will underpin future fundraising and will define the organisational structure required to most effectively deliver the vision.

The Master-plan will be developed by a small steering group comprising representatives of the Trust, a Project Organiser (to be appointed), the Master-plan consultants (to be appointed), and the Architectural Design Team (to be appointed).  The steering group will make study visits to relevant comparator sites to learn from their management teams and will carry out extensive consultation with stakeholders.

The completed Master-plan will provide a valuable tool in demonstrating that the Trust is clear in its future strategy and phased development approach it wishes to take.  The Master-plan will encourage investment, involvement, participation and ‘buy in’ and will provide the focus for the restoration action plan going forward.

We are currently inviting tenders for the below roles;

Master-plan Consultants

Architectural Design Team

Project Organiser


Additional Information – Master-planning Consultants

Additional Information – Architectural Design Team

Additional Information – Project Organiser

Additional Information – Plan of Middleton Hall’s buildings


Form of Tender – MH Master-planning Consultants

Form of Tender – MH Architectural Design Team

Form of Tender – MH Project Organiser