Poetry Competition: Remembering the Restoration

Middleton Hall is an incredible place, not just because of its vast history and inspiring architecture, but because it was saved by a group of volunteers. The Hall was a family home up until 1966 when the owners, the Averills sold their extensive estate to a gravel extraction company. The gravel extractors made use of […]
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Amy completes half-marathon run!

Running the Robin Hood half-marathon last week was an amazing (and exhausting) experience. The route was 21 kilometres (just over 13 miles) and I finished in 02:19:46. I was aiming for 2 ½ hours, so I am pretty chuffed with my finishing time! There was a great atmosphere in Nottingham with people of all ages […]
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Betty nominated for a North Warwickshire Volunteer Award

Betty started volunteering at Middleton Hall with her husband, Geoff, in 1985. Middleton Hall Trust was founded in 1980 so when the Fox’s joined the team, the restoration works had only just begun. Geoff Fox put his carpentry skills to use as a maintenance volunteer and is responsible for the wooden spindles along the Great […]
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