Amy completes half-marathon run!

Running the Robin Hood half-marathon last week was an amazing (and exhausting) experience. The route was 21 kilometres (just over 13 miles) and I finished in 02:19:46. I was aiming for 2 ½ hours, so I am pretty chuffed with my finishing time!

There was a great atmosphere in Nottingham with people of all ages and physical fitness running for so many great causes. Charities I spotted along the way included Breast Cancer Support, the Stoke Association and the Alzheimer’s Society. One group were dressed as Vikings and were running with a small Viking ‘ship’ they had made. I am not sure what exactly they were running in aid of, but every time they approached a hill they began an Icelandic chant and started to speed up! Along the route there were volunteers and supporters handing out water and sweets to runners and St. John’s Ambulance did a great job of helping people who had injured themselves or fallen ill.

My left knee had been hurting during training in the weeks leading up to the run and I was concerned about whether it would cause problems on the day. Seven miles into the race, I stopped for a short break because my knee was hurting. When I started running again, it hurt even more and because of this the second half of the race was far more difficult than the first. However … I crossed the finish line and received my medal!

The total amount raised so far by my run in aid of the Tudor Barn is… £1328.47! Our target was £1000 so we are delighted to have exceeded it. Thank you so much to everyone who has sponsored me so far. We need just under £2 million to fully restore the Tudor Barn and transform it into a visitor centre. The amount raised by my run may seem like a small amount in comparison, but funding bodies expect applicants to prove their commitment to a project through raising some of their own funding, before they agree to financially support your project. Our £1328.47 shows that we are passionate about our project and so are our visitors, members and volunteers.

Thank you again to everyone who has supported this project. If you would still like to sponsor me, please click here.

Amy, Visitor Experience Coordinator