The Wonderful Mr. Willughby


Author: Tim Birkhead

Paperback, 2019. First published 2018.

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The Wonderful Mr. Willughby: The First True Ornithologist’ by Tim Birkhead in paper back.

Francis Willughby lived at and Middleton Hall during the seventeenth century. He is receiving increasingly attention from academics and Birkhead’s biography of Willughby’s life and works has received much praise.

Taken from blurb: “Francis Willughby lived and thrived in the midst of the scientific revolution of the seventeenth century. Along with his Cambridge tutor, John Ray, Willughby was determined to overhaul the whole of natural history and impose order on its complexity. Yet before Willughby and Ray could complete their monumental work, Ornithology, Willughby died. In the centuries since, Ray’s reputation has grown, obscuring that of his collaborator. Now, for the first time, Willughby’s story and genius are given the attention they deserve.”

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