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Daniel's Challenge

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Do you want to join me in making a difference? I'm raising money in aid of MIDDLETON HALL TRUST and every donation will help. Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to me.

I am the sole paid Gardener at Middleton Hall & Gardens and I work with an amazing team of 20 volunteers towards the conservation of the site and to keep the place looking its best for our visitors. I work for the independent charity Middleton Hall Trust that has over the last 40 or so years restored our once derelict site into a beautiful place to visit. 

The task of restoration is never complete and we are at a stage where plan to bring more historical context and interpretation of the landscape to different areas of the garden. This will include a Georgian garden, educational and interactive displays as well as improving the local biodiversity.

My fundraising challenge is to aid this process and provide a much needed financial support for plants and structures, as well as increasing the volunteer numbers and provide local horticultural training

I am very well aware that the £5000 will not cover for all the above mentioned but being the first fundraising challenge I have done for Middleton Hall Trust I want to have at least a starting point.

My challenge is to walk around all of the local 'manors' that used to belong to the owners of Middleton Hall over the centuries. The aim is to complete the walk in one day and get a photo at each stop with our mascot Orderic the Owl. The route is around 50km so it will be a good way to see the local sights, have a personal understanding of how influential was the families residing at Middleton Hall in developing the local area. 

First steps...

I like being outdoors and walking is a great way to explore the countryside around our estate and understand more of the local history! 


I don't usually walk 50km in one day though so this will be a challenge. My aim is to raise £5,000, which is a big target but hopefully with the help and generosity of our local community, volunteers and of course family and friends I will get there!

The date of my challenge is Wednesday 20th September 2023.


The route!

Over the years the owners of the Middleton Estate also owned many other local manors, and the old adage of you rarely visit what is right on your doorstep is true. I haven't ever visited any of them, so during this challenge I will. Over the next month I am going to plan my route to cover; Tamworth Castle, Pooley, Warton, Polesworth, Dordon, Freasley, Kingsbury, Marston, Whitacre, Lea Marston, Bodymoor Heath and finally end up at Middleton Hall & Gardens. 

compass & old map shutterstock_126420734.jpg

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The Middleton Challenges 

This autumn and winter our staff and volunteers are going to be taking on their own personal challenges, to achieve something for themselves but also to hopefully raise some money for our charity. We don't receive regular funding from government, funding bodies or investments so each year e have to earn what we need to keep going.

Watch this space for news about our Team's upcoming challenges!

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