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How do I sign up to volunteer?

At the bottom of each volunteering information page on our website there are forms for those interested in joining us to fill in !  Alternatively if you do not feel confident on technology give us a call on 01827283095! 


I can only do two days a month, can I still volunteer?

Our volunteering is completely flexible with your lifestyle.  We are open Wednesday - Sunday from April to October, wheere we are then open for events. Volunteers come to the Hall anywhere from three times a week to once a month! 


What volunteering roles are available?

We have a whole range of roles volunteers can get involved with, which are all listed on our volunteer opportunities drop down section!


What are the benefits of volunteering?

Apart from spending your time at such a beautifull Hall, it is a place to unwind, make friends, continue to learn and make history. 


I am under 16, can I volunteer?

We offer limited spaces for volunteers under 16 but we do accept enquiries through our email address for anything from work experience, DofE to general volunteering. 

Contact us on -


Can I claim expenses whilst volunteering?

Yes! As you are gifting us your time volunteering, we offer for travel expenses via a car to be covered in mileage, via our expenses sheet. 

Many choose to not claim back expenses from the trust but we leave it up to personal preference from the volunteer themselves.



Middleton Hall Trust
Middleton Hall, Middleton
Tamworth, Staffordshire
B78 2AE

Call us: 01827 283095

Volunteer & Outreach Coordinaor

Samantha Kirman

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Let us know your area of interest to volunteer, and we will get back to you with updates upon receiving this form.
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